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Impressive functionalities

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Augmented reality

The Augmented reality is a technology solution that allows you to view a 3D object, an animation or a video, overlapped on the physical space shot by a camera. All you need is a PC (or a mobile device) equipped with a webcam and a marker (a stylized design, or a whole picture ). Just place the marker in front of the camera to immediately see the augmented content.

Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality

In the virtual reality, the user is immersed in a virtual environment entirely built by the computer, in the augmented reality the virtual elements are overlapped and embedded in a real, physical space.

Constantly growing!

Market researches show that augmented reality, which started to grow in 2009, will have a double-digit positive trend until 2015, when there will be more than 2.8 billion mobile devices with cameras.

What is it

The perfect solution to integrate
high perfomances and the "wow" factor

Augmented reality is intuitive and simple to use. It communicates immediatly the purpose and qualities of your Company and engage positively you customers.

Have you tried ar/labyrinth yet?

download the marker and play it now?


improves the customer's
purchase propension


it keeps the audience focused on it longer
than traditional advertising

reputation enhancer

it helps to recognize your package
among the competitors


Engage your packaging distinctiveness

What is it for

It can be used with many purposes and it's crossplatform

Mobile devices, PCs or in-store corners, augmented reality knows no boundaries and interacts with the real space shot by the webcam.

To use it, you need:

• a mobile device or a PC equipped with a webcam with the required application installed

• one or more markers

The user will just have to point the camera at the marker and the multimedia content will be superimposed in real time.


download the software and use it
with the webcam


directly available on web sites
using plugin and webcam


available by using the camera
of your smartphone

How does it work

Animated, interactive and multimarker

The augmented content associated with a marker can be made up by:

• a video

• an image or a slideshow of photos

• A 3D playback of the product contained in the package

• a 3D animation to illustrate your product or simply entertain your partner.


download the software and use it
with the webcam


directly available on web sites
using plugin and webcam


You can also apply augmented reality to your printed catalogue, without adding any traditional markers

The contents



promote the purchase



attracts customers and engage them for a longer period if compared to any other traditional advertising

Animation in store


increases the perceived value of the product

Virtual Tour


increases the distinctiveness of the packaging on which it is applied

Where to apply

Why do you have to try in3Dreality ?

A new andpowerful technology
a skilled team can proposeyou the best solution to develop
our applications are usable
both on web and mobile

Experience our 3D realtime technology

Enel Drive

a mobile solution to show the audience how eneldrive works


an innovative and entertaining showcase for a live event

Bausch & Lomb

an incredibly funny application to engage audience during a medical fair


interaction between markers can bring to extraordinary results

AR Xmas Card

A different way to whish a merry christmas to those you love best and… to clients of course!

music box
Do you feel like a deejay? try out our audio mixer in augmented reality and show off your ability!
A funny game in AR. If you have a Company you can use
this solution to customize your packagings!

Our solutions

and how to use them

  • Product wrapping
  • Clothing
  • Electronic
  • Make up
  • In-store solutions
  • App for real exhibits
  • fair
  • Concerts and events
  • Tourist guides
  • Virtual Galleries
  • VR Panorama
  • Website
  • Web and Mobile Games
  • Mobile Applications
  • Territorial Marketing
  • AR Virtual tours

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